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Simple Guide : How to Add Signature in Gmail

Add signature in Gmail : Gmail or Google mail is a very popular emailing online source available free of cost worldwide. Owner of Gmail services is Google company which is situated at silicon valley. It is an easy platform for sending e-mail and other work which are linked to Gmail account. If you are looking for creating an account use this link to get a new account in google : Gmail Sign Up

Simple Guide : How to Add Signature in Gmail

How to Add Signature in Gmail

How to Add Signature in Gmail

A feature is offered by Gmail to add signature at the end of every as mail footer. Signature is consist of contact details, or any quote.

Steps to add or edit signature on Gmail is quite different for device supporting different OS such as android and iOS device. And through the use of computers for online Gmail access.

Add Signature in Gmail Using Computer:

• Go to, it is the official Gmail.
• Enter correct id and password to get in to your account.
• Go to gear icon which signifies setting menu at the top right side.
• select settings option from drop down menu.
• Choose signature section, specify your signature in mentioned box. Images can also be added to signature for better visuals.
• Signature text font or style can also be formatted as desired.
• At last click on Save Changes button at the bottom of the page to save any settings made by users.
• User can also change signature settings by following these steps in future.
• According to signature changes made overGmail will reflect onusers future emails and messages.

Editing signature using “send mail as”:

  1. In this case Gmail provide its user a facility to attach different contact details as signature to different mails.
  2. All signature contacts are needed to be their at “Send mail as”.
  3. At the time of contact details specification of signature, user have to select one mentioned in drop menu over text box.
  4. One can add address to Accounts and import setting page.

Add Signature in Gmail For android operating system devices:

• Open Gmail app.
• Select horizontal linedicon which denotes menu of Gmail appon top left.
• Scroll down to setting option and choose settings.
• Choose specific Google account to which signature is to be added.
• Choose signature tab.
• Enter desired text to signature.
• At last finish it up by tapping OK.

To change signature on iOS supported device:

• Signature changes done on Gmail app will only showover emails send via Gmail app and not reflectto any mail send through wed from Gmail.
• Emails sent through app will show signature set on web in case modification of signature will only bedone online from Gmail site.
• Open Gmail app on iPhone or iPad.
• Go to menu and select settings option.
• Select your account, in case more than one account are linked.
• Scroll to signature settings and switch on Signature setting.
• User need to add signature or can also modify it using these steps.
• Save all settings just by tapping Signature created online on computer will be applied on any message which will be mailed on web from Gmail and signature set on Gmail app will be at the end of every message send via Gmail app.

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