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How to Add multiple Gmail accounts in Android?

Add multiple Gmail accounts : So you are fond of keeping more than one Google account gmail account? Did you know that Android Smartphone actually allows you to integrate several Google accounts? If you are a starter and do not have any hint how to receive emails from more than one account, then we are here to guide you.

How to Add multiple Gmail accounts in Android?

Add multiple Gmail accounts in Android

Add multiple Gmail accounts in Android

If you already have google account you can add directly by following the below process. if you dont have gmail account follow this link Gmail sign up to create gmail / google account.

Add multiple Gmail accounts

Steps 1 – visit the setting of your Smartphone

Step 2 – if you happen to reach the bottom of the settings option, you will find an option to add account. Choose the same to proceed. Tap Google accounts because most probably you are planning to integrate account in that. If you have a plan to input account from same another choice, tab that particular option.

Step 3 – enter your correct password and email so that you are good to start. Repeat the process if you are needed to add another account besides that. With Google account, you can sync contacts, receive emails and manage data app from the first as well as the second or third account you have entered. Each account shall be automatically synchronized.

Why do people need more than one account?

  1. To manage their professional and personal life
  2. To keep secrecy,
  3. To have an alternative in case one email goes down
  4. To manage emails in a better manner
  5. To use more features of another email service

So the reason can be any. But in any case, the process remains the same. You don’t have to keep multiple SmartPhones all devices to regulate your accounts. Just one Smartphone and it all loaded with your personal details that have multiple accounts.

How to remove a particular account from Android?

  1. Swipe right down the home screen
  2. Trap over the settings button that somewhat appears like a gear
  3. Move your fingers beneath the settings option
  4. Tap on account
  5. Select Google
  6. Tap over the particular account that needs to be removed
  7. Select the menu button which is located on the right-hand side on the top notch of the phone screen
  8. Remove account option need to be selected
  9. Finally, remove account by making a confirmation

You must bear in mind that whenever a particular account is removed, all the data and information loaded and it gets automatically deleted. Removing it from the phone doesn’t mean they are removing it from the Internet. You always have a second chance to load it back in your Smartphone to the above-mentioned guideline.


By having more than one email account, you can work on a particular project without letting anyone know about it. The setting up of multiple accounts is possible only when you have Android 4.2 Jelly Bean or upper version. Although, the steps mentioned in the article are quite clear to guide you. But in the worst case, if u fails to understand them, you can refer to online videos which teach account removal in a documentary form

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